As a "Business Associate" for “BANK OF CYPRUS”,

we provide a distinctive and unique banking services, eliminating the necessity for customers to personally travel to Cyprus. We ensure convenience and time efficiency by managing all the required procedures from Lebanon.

Opening a Bank Account

Opening a Bank Account for Individuals and Companies (for all nationalities), directly from our offices in Lebanon / DBAYEH

Home Loan

Submitting Credit Files for Home Loan, It is addressed to anyone who is interested in purchasing a property in Cyprus through a mortgage.

Business Loan

Preparing and submitting Credit Files for Business Loan, It is addressed to any Cypriot Company, looking to finance projects on the local market.

Personal Loan

Submitting a credit request for a Personal Loan is available to anyone looking to finance their personal needs and projects.

Private Banking

Facilitating introductions to the Private Banking Division for individuals interested in investing in financial products.

Investment Plan

Enabling subscriptions to all Investment Plans provided by BANK OF CYPRUS.

Deposit Term Accounts

Facilitating subscriptions to Deposit Term Accounts.

Debit / Credit Card Products

Offering a range of Debit / Credit Card Products

As a Financial Advisor

Our team of experienced financial advisors is committed to helping clients navigate the complexities of wealth management, retirement planning, and investment strategies. With a focus on integrity and client-centric solutions, we aim to empower individuals and businesses to achieve their financial goals.

Market Study

We conduct a comprehensive market study to analyze trends and opportunities in the industry and exploring market dynamics through a detailed study to inform strategic decision-making.

Feasibility Study

We specialize in thorough feasibility studies, assessing the viability and risks of proposed projects. Our comprehensive analysis ensures a practical evaluation, guiding successful business ventures.

Business Plan

We create strategic business plans, outlining goals, strategies, and operational details for sustainable success. Our comprehensive business plans articulate the vision, mission, and roadmap for a thriving enterprise.

Cash Flow Projection

We dress a detailed cash flow projection to forecast the inflow and outflow of funds, ensuring financial stability and generating a comprehensive figures to anticipate and manage the financial dynamics of a business over a specific period.

Supplementary Services

Our supplementary services complement our core activity, ensuring a comprehensive experience. We specialize in tailored property selection, support for work permits and permanent residency, and assistance with company incorporation in Cyprus.

Incorporating companies in Cyprus

In collaboration with our Law Firm in Cyprus, we facilitate the incorporation of a Company in Cyprus, ensuring a corporate identity that is both Cypriot and European.

Work Permit submissions in Cyprus.

In collaboration with our Law Firm in Cyprus, we assist you port and facilitate the submission of work permit in Cyprus

Permanent or Temporary Residency Applications

In collaboration with our Law Firm in Cyprus , we offer support for Permanent Residency applications in Cyprus, either through property acquisition or investment. Additionally, we assist in the submission process for Temporary Residency.

Real estate services in Lebanon, Cyprus, and Greece

If you are seeking to buy or rent a property in Lebanon, Cyprus, or Greece, in collaboration with our Real-Estate Developers and Agencies, we can assist you in choosing a property that meets your requirements and guide you through the process.