Who we are

About Us.

FINANCE & BEYOND SARL, Proudly serve as a trusted "Business Associate" for the distinguished "BANK OF CYPRUS" in Lebanon.
Additionally, our firm provides an extensive range of Financial and Banking Advisory Services.

Our Vsion

"Guiding with transparency, upholding ethical service, and operating with professionalism. We are confident that collaboratively, we can shape a new business culture and move beyond perception” Attract Potential Customers.


Values of the company

At Finance & Beyond SARL, we firmly believe that our values define our identity and serve as a source of inspiration. These values include:

- Ethics: We are committed to upholding high ethical standards by integrating and enforcing appropriate business policies. This commitment extends to addressing crucial issues such as corporate governance, conflict of interests, bribery, and discrimination.

- Transparency: We consider transparency as the cornerstone of building honesty and trust in our relationships with investors and customers. Open communication and clear information are fundamental principles guiding our interactions.

- Professionalism: Our dedication to professionalism is evident in our engagement, expertise, and commitment to continuous improvement. We strive to maintain the highest standards in all aspects of our work, ensuring a level of excellence that aligns with the expectations of our clients and partners.